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Who are We?

The CLEO diverCITY NetworkTM (CDN) is a nationwide, city-to-city, network comprised of law firms, corporations, judges, sole practitioners, law schools, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and minority bar associations who are committed to significantly increasing diversity in the legal profession by seeking out the "best and brightest" diverse law students and attorneys* our country has to offer.

Why Join?

(As a Law Student?)

Our exclusive, Minority Law Student Network Database (MLSND)* is one of the primary reasons we believe the CDN is destined to make such a huge "impact" within the legal community. The MLSND lets CLEO participants and alumni post their free profiles on a secure, password-encrypted website that registered members (law firms, corporations, non-profit organizations, etc.) can log on and search by a variety of query options to identify increased numbers of qualified diverse candidates.

In addition to the MLSND, the site features a variety of resources designed to increase the amount of knowledge and information diverse law students currently have available to them. Select participants will also be chosen to represent CLEO at various events around the country. There will be member-only networking receptions and other events, bar exam orientations/tutorials and a whole lot more! We, therefore, strongly encourage all eligible persons to take advantage of the free registration and become part of this burgeoning network!

(As an Employer/Professional?)

As an organization, CLEO has always been, first and foremost, about the students. The CDN is nothing more than our latest, and most innovative-to-date, approach to reaching and providing assistance to a larger percentage of the minority law student population. We are not going to rest until the aforementioned MLSND is the place for organizations to go when they are in search of tomorrow’s brightest and most qualified minority legal talent! Our aim is for this new initiative to be a "win-win-win:" A "win" for CLEO in that we get more top minority law students to join our ranks and assist them in becoming contributing members of the legal profession; a "win" for our students as they get to take advantage of even more great CLEO programs and services; and lastly, a "win" for employers and professionals who, by joining our network, open themselves up to an even wider array of diverse legal talent that they might not have previously otherwise had access to.

Ok, I’m interested. So how do I join the CDN?

Glad you asked:
Students, click here to sign up as a CLEO Affiliate ans see all the great benefits you receive!
Employers, click here to register
and then proceed to follow the registration steps as provided.

Great! Is there anything else I should know before signing up?

Only that, we will constantly be adding new things and making improvements to the site. We encourage you to frequently visit the site to check out some of the cool features we will be adding to it to make the site more user-friendly and interactive.

*The only licensed, practicing attorneys who are eligible to become part of the MLSND are those who have come through the CLEO program as either a CLEO Fellow or Associate.

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