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Employers & Professionals

Search the Minority Law Student Network Database

Don't look now, but some of the "best & brightest" minority talent currently within, or on the "doorstep" of entering, the legal field is only a "click away!"

The Minority Law Student Network Database (MLSND) is a highly advantageous tool for any potential employer interested in bringing more diversity to the legal profession.

Click here to search the MLSND.

Be a part of the CLEO Mentoring Network

What is it?

The CLEO Mentoring Network (CMN) is a an online student mentoring program intended to help CLEO participants achieve "balance" both in law school and in life.

Reasons to become a CMN Mentor:

CMN Mentors have the opportunity to provide diverse law students with:

  • valuable, first-hand insight about what it takes to successfully matriculate through law school
  • assistance and advice with respect to strategies for career mapping, advancement and networking
  • tips for successful, ongoing maintenance of a "positive" work/life balance, and more!

 Click here to participate or find out more about the CMN.


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